Minnie mouse will always be a favorite character for young girls. Many girls carry on the love they had when they were small to their adulthood. The Minnie mouse character which is polite, sweet, charming and coated with a certain aura of cool demeanor is definitely one of the best from Disneyland. When celebrating their first year, girls will already have come of age to like this charming TV character. When celebrating the first year, a girl will in most cases have already come to like the pink color and this makes it quite easy to making the party a pink themed one just as the Minnie mouse theme suggests. Minnie mouse 1st birthday party ideas are numerous and a person will only need to follow some basic rules which include the following;

It all starts with the invitation of the guests. Obviously the other one year olds will not be in a position to read the invitation cards but still, the invitation cards have to be sent to their parents. The Minnie mouse 1st birthday party ideas that come with the invitation cards include inserting a save date sticker as well as personalizing the message as much as possible.

By inserting a save date sticker, the invited guests will be able to put the stickers on their diaries so that they won’t forget. Personalizing the message makes the invitees to feel honored and thereby having little or no reason for not attending.

Decoration is the other part of the party that a person will need to work on. The things to include for a one year old are pretty basic but if out in a stylish manner, and then the perfect theme of the birthday will come out. Some of the Minnie mouse 1st birthday party ideas that a person can employ include having plenty of pink which is dotted with polka. The other idea that will capture the attention of the one year old is having the tables several Minnie mouse portraits as well as dolls dotting the house.

The final but not the least item to consider when it comes to gathering great Minnie mouse 1st birthday party ideas is getting the perfect party favors. People will be thrown into a dilemma as to what type of party favors that they should buy. But then, the party will be attended by other kids who will be of the same age, older and also parents. When buying the right favors for the party, it is important to bear in mind all of these facts so that everybody gets to enjoy the party.