Minnie mouse has been in existence since the 1920s. Over the decades this cartoon has entertained kids. It remains the favorite carton for many kids including adults. In order to exploit the good that this favorite cartoon brings into life, many people are now turning to making it their theme when they are holding a party. This will make a child to be extremely thrilled and honored to be associated with either Mickey mouse or Minnie mouse. When hosting a Minnie mouse party, a person will need to consider being open to great ideas that will revamp their party and which will enable them have the very best of the party as well as making the attendees thoroughly entertained. Here are some incredible Minnie mouse party ideas to use when hosting or when planning to host one.

  1. The invitation party ideas

    A party will start with the host thinking about the people with whom they want to have the party with. A party will therefore not only be surrounded with the numerous bites, drinks and decorations but also with the invitees. When it comes to Minnie mouse party ideas, a person will need to consider the following so as to accentuate the party’s grandness; Always personalize the invitation. This way, the guest will feel honored and will have little excuse for not coming. Mention them by name in the card and also ensure that the message therein is personalized. Another idea that is really gaining on popularity is the save the date stickers. These stickers are easy to apply and the invited guest will stick it on their diary so they won’t forget. Make the invitation card to have tattoos for the guests. There can be an additional invite asking the guests to wear the tattoos as secret pas to the party.

  2. Decoration ideas

    Pink happens to be the party for Minnie and as such a person should do everything to bring Minnie to life. In fact the party decorated with the Minnie mouse colors relives or even brings out the very real life that Minnie has on the TV. There are numerous Minnie mouse party ideas that a person can employ when it comes to decorating and they include; The first thing that a person will need to do when it comes to a Minnie mouse party is to appreciate the color. This will enable them to employ as much color as possible; in most instances pink. Still a person will need to have polka dots to accentuate the beauty of the party. The tables should be decorated with Minnie mouse posters or covers. This will make the party look grand with the guests also having dressed by the same theme.

  3. Party games and Activity

    To have a party full of thrilling times, a person will have to include the best games possible. The best bet would be to have the legendary Minnie mouse games in the fray. Games such as donkey and Pin the Tail among others will definitely make the attendees gland they did come over. The Minnie mouse party ideas which go with the games and activities include the following; Decorate the whole place with the best of Minnie mouse. Start with the placing of the ring on Minnie’s finger. Have the kids play this games and watching what amazing stuff will come out of the closet. Turning up the whole party into a fashion stand can at times make the girls all thrilled up and excited for many days to follow. Have a grand photo or photos with the kids dolling up with the mega Minnie mouse. This will make them get to their best poses which will always remain in their memory.

  4. Dress up Minnie mouse party ideas

    The sheer fact that a girl could have a Minnie mouse doll is truly exciting and what about a dress for her birthday party? She can t wait for the party to come so she can doll up herself and look like her favorite actress. Dressing up for the party can be made grand by using the following; Having a specially made dress for the girl to attend the party in. such a dress can have several Minnie mouse imprints on it or it can have a grand one on any part of it. Either way, the girl will look great. Have the birthday girl wear something authentic that will show that she is the birthday girl. There are numerous accessories that a person can use and which will make her love the party even more.

  5. Party favor ideas

    A party won’t be complete unless there are party favors with which the host will make the gusts feel appreciated. Party favors can come in very different ways but the bottom line is, the host will need to tell the guests; ‘aren’t you sweet’, just as Minnie does when something nice is done for her. Here are some of the Minnie mouse party ideas to use to make the kids happy. Fill up the favors containers with the best Minnie mouse items. These could be sweets, pens, games and so on. The kids will continue having fun even when they go home because they will be having these to play with. The other way to make the party exciting for the kids is to transform the Minnie mouse plastic party cups into favors containers.

  6. Party foods

    When it comes to food, there are numerous Minnie mouse party ideas that a person can use and which truly transform the party into a ball. Here are some of the ideas to employ; Have a tower made of cupcakes with Minnie mouse at the tower. The other way to make the party exciting is by getting the kids icing and letting them decorate their own cupcakes and at the top placing a Minnie mouse. There is also the option of cooking snacks that look like Minnie mouse. It will be a true thrill for the kids.