Minnie mouse is one of the most famous cartoon characters that the Disneyworld has in store. Girls have over the decades loved and adored the charming, sweet and endearing character that Minnie mouse is portrayed to be. It is little wonder then that girls choose this character and her theme to be their birthday, Halloween and other party theme maker. In making a party great and still walking the thin line of trying to make the Minnie mouse come out perfectly, a person can look into the foods. There are numerous Minnie mouse party food ideas that a person can use today and which will definitely make the party look great and also be enjoyed by all in attendance.

One of the greatest foods to consider when making a Minnie mouse themed party is to cook the Minnie’s Bow Bites. This is one of the best bites that a party can have and which will thoroughly thrill the kids. It is made up of two halves of strawberry, blackberry and a decorative plastic toothpick. The gist of the matter is that among the many other Minnie mouse party food ideas, this one gives the party a natural look.

All a person will be required to do is to pierce one half of the strawberry with the toothpick followed by the blackberry and then the other half of the strawberry. This perfect Minnie’s bow can be served as dessert.

Minnie Mouse Pudding Cups are the other types of food that will definitely make the guests happy and engrossed. Since most of the colors used by Minnie mouse have to be pink, this pudding also captures this color. The making of this pudding will start by first having vanilla pudding and then putting a few drops of pink food coloring into it. Some chocolate chips are then sprinkled over the top thus giving the pudding a definitely sweet look.

More than that, the pudding should be served with small spoons decorated with Minnie’s bow. If a person doesn’t really like pudding, then yoghurt will serve the same purpose perfectly.

Minnie Mouse White Chocolate Oreo Cookies are the other types of food that grace the Minnie mouse party food ideas board. The process of making this type of party food is easy considering that the Oreo cookies are bought. The first thing is to separate the cookies and when apart, apply the white chocolate. The chocolate should obviously have to come with the Minnie mouse theme. It is important to note that the cookies are not to be dipped into the thick chocolate but rather the later should be applied on only one side of the former.